Did you know?

Did you know that…

  • Pepperoni pizza is actually an American name? In Italy this kind of topping is called ‘Diavola’ (Devil), because of the hot salami. Peperoni (with just 1p) is the Italian name for unripe Spanish peppers, that are not ingredients of that pizza. If you order a pizza peperoni in Italy you will get something like this:







  • Pizza used to be a dish for the more poor people in Italy? This changed when King Umberto I, and his wife queen Margherita of Savoye visited Naples she noticed that a lot of people were eating a large, flat bread with colourful toppings and she wanted to try one of those. Chef Rafaele Esposito made her a special one with the colours of the Italian flag; the pizza Margherita was born!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor queen margheritaAfbeeldingsresultaat voor pizza margherita italian flag

  • The Italians have very strict rules on how to food their food? For example there is a special etiquette on how to eat spaghetti. You’re only allowed to eat it with a fork and you should twist the spaghetti on you plate using your fork. Another Italian etiquette is for when you’re in a restaurant and some bread is offered to you, this is not an appetiser, but is used to ‘mop up’ the extra sauce that’s left on your plate after eating.Afbeeldingsresultaat voor how to eat spaghetti the italian way

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bread in restaurant

  • When the first McDonalds opened in Rome in 1986 a lot of people didn’t like the idea of losing their authentic cullinaire skills and traditions so they protested by giving away home made spaghetti in front of the doors of McDondald? Unfortunately for them, it didn’t stop the American chain.

    mcdonald-s-spagna-20111009-224541.jpg mcdonalds-rome.jpg

  • Pizza actually went into space? In 2001 Pizza Hut Delivery wanted to make a huge stunt and payed the Russian Space Agency (RSA) 1 million euros to get the pizza into space. Lucky one astronaut Yuri Usachiv had the honour to eat this space pizza.


  • There are over 450 different types of pasta’s and all with their typical sauce. For example spaghetti & bolognese, penne & pesto, rivioli & spinach and cheese, and so on. And of course all these types can be combined together so can you imagine how many pasta types you can eat?
    Pasta5.jpg pasta-dishes-six-illustrations-different-types-italian-various-sauces-menu-food-industry-usage-eps-transparent-50303134.jpg


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