Opinion piece: caesar salad

In this blog post, I’m going to give you some tips about how you can recognize a good quality caesar salad. I think that it’s fair to say that I am a caesar salad expert because I’ve eaten numerous… Click ‘continue reading’ to reveal the magical tips that will lead you to the perfect caesar salad and to find out my recommendations when it comes to caesar salads. 

Caesar versus ceasar

Firstly, I would like to clarify something. It happens quite often that I notice that somebody writes ‘ceasar salad’ instead of ‘caesar salad’. So I decided to seek the right orthography. ‘Ceasar’ is just an educated guess based on commonly misspelled words.

Throughout America, hundreds of menus are littered with ‘Ceasar salads’, and actually they mean the Caesar salad. The flavorful dish is named after Caesar Cardini, an owner of a restaurant and a real chef from Italy. In contrast with what a lot of people think, the salad has nothing to do with the Roman ruler, Julius Caesar. They just happen to have a name that is spelled the same way. ceaser-cripy-chicken

Old but gold

When I go to McDonald’s, I instantly order a ‘caesar salad with crispy chicken’. It has become a habit and I wouldn’t like it differently. Sometimes, my friends look me in the eye and tell me that I’m crazy, ordering a salad at McDonald’s. It’s true, I agree, it sounds somewhat strange, asking for a salad at the world’s most unhealthy food chain. But you know what? You should try it and I think you will be surprised!


About three years ago, McDonald’s changed up their menu and other ingredients replaced the Caesar salad that I liked to the moon and back… The typical caesar sauce disappeared and instead they added a low-fat sauce. Honestly, I thought that it tasted like coffee. The possibility to order crispy chicken vanished and cold cooked chicken got replaced. If you want to know how many calories a Caesar Salad at McDonald’s contains , click here. When we got this assignment, right away I wanted to see how McDonald’s would react if I sent them my concerns. So I wrote a polite e-mail and actually got an answer from their team. It seems that you are not the only one, if you used to write ‘ceasar salad’. Even McDonald’s co-workers apparently don’t know how to spell it.

A few steps from food heaven

If you want to make the perfect caesar salad, there are some things you have to take into account. Starting with the vegetables; use a variety of lettuce. Make sure the lettuce is fresh, cleaned and cold. Use cherry tomatoes instead of sliced tomatoes. The croutons need to be crispy and flavorful. Of course, a caesar salad wouldn’t be complete without the parmesan cheese. I always say: “the more cheese, the better”, but it is also important that the parmesan is of good quality. If you’re not a vegetarian, the best meat to combine it with, is definitely crispy or grilled seasoned chicken.

Top 8: Caesar salad ranking

When you are struggling to find a good restaurant to dine at, I got your back! Below you can find my top 10 favourite restaurants based on the caesar salad they sell. The restaurants are spread over the world and not very easy to reach. How far would you travel for the perfect caesar salad? Leave your comment down below!

  1. Downtown Montreal: Enoteca ‘Mozza’ Pizzeria Moderna
  2. Toronto: Food Court of ‘Eaten Center’ with extra parmesan cheese
  3. McDonald’s Canada/USA/France with crispy chicken
  4. My mom’s homemade Caesar Salad with avocado
  5. Toronto: Jason George restaurant
  6. New York: Little Italy
  7. Restaurant Pizzeria Pino in Overijse
  8. McDonald’s Canada/USA/France with grilled chicken





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